Our Story

Cheap Drones is a company of enthusiast. Our business is the product of our enjoyment of Drone and FPV flying. Two brothers, who loved the idea of flying, without leaving the ground, started Cheap Drones in 2011.  As any young flyer knows, with flying, comes crashing, and with crashing comes the need for new, faster, better, quality replacement parts. The most frustrating experience is for a new builder to NEED a new part and to wait weeks and days for the part to arrive.

With everything available on Amazon.com, we felt there was an opportunity to buy in bulk from Drone and FPV suppliers, quality inspect every item that comes through the door, and package up everything for safe delivery to your door step.

It is an exciting time for the Drone and FPV community right now; from the idea of the “Taco-Copter” of California, to the Ice Fishing beer delivery in Alaska, we can see that the industry in on the verge of exploding. Rightfully so, the FAA does not want the explosions coming from Drones crashing into each other mid-delivery, so they are hard at work creating ways to avoid this scenario. Until then, there is amazing innovation in our community, and we are thrilled to support each and every one of you.

Our ultimate goal is to get you up in the air, and support your personal creativity and innovation. We are currently focusing on our Mini Quad Kits, FPV solutions, Propellers (High-end and Low-end), Electronic Speed Controllers, and everything you need to connect them together (JST Connectors, Bullet Connectors, XT60 Connectors). And, we are always looking to add new products. We also want to make sure that you understand how to use your Cheap Drones products, so we made sure to include videos on our site to guide you through the entire unpacking to installation.